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Price-list for foreign citizens

1. Plastic aesthetic surgery(minimal prices)
Consultation of surgeon 12 USD
Surgical correction of age-related changes of face and neck, upper and lower eyelides 1800 USD
Two-sided upper blepharoplasty 600 USD
Two-sided lower blepharoplasty 625 USD
Ritidoplasty of medium zone of face and neck 940 USD
Surgical correction of nose 2100 USD
Surgical correction of auricles 1300 USD
Mammoplasty (without cost of endoprothesis) 1200 USD
Abdomenoplasty 1500 USD
Liposuction, liposculpture (1 area) 600 USD
Injection correction of dynamic face crease by botulotoxinum 175 USD

The cost of surgical intervention includes: one day of postoperation care, anesthesia, medications and other medical materials.

2. Medical cosmetology(minimal prices)
Consultations of cosmetologist 10 USD
Electrocoagulation of benigh neoformations (papillomas, warts etc.) 8 USD
Chemical peeling (medium level) 125 USD
Ear pearsing 19 USD
Injection correction of static face crease by preparations on the base of hyaluronic acid) 335 USD
Photorejuvenation 140 USD
Mesotherapy 120 USD
Skin care programmes 50 USD